Bunkering service

Shipserve Limited ( Shipserve Energy- physical bunkering division), a subsidiary of S&S SHIP MANAGEMENT , supplies bunker fuels like Furnace Oil, Marine Gas Oil and Lubricants. Shipserve Energy can meet all demands at port of Chittagong , at anchorage and at off port limits . Shipserve is dedicated to select the right partners, offer the right quality products at the right price and always ensure that the customer is supplied with first class quality in compliance with the requirements specified in regulation 18 of Annex VI of MARPOL 73/78.

Business Policy

Quality and Quantity bunker supply at competitive rate.

Bunker Barge

a] MT "O.T SMS-1" - Capacity 650MTS [ 8 tanks for IFO (550mts) and 2 tanks for MGO( quantity- 100mts) ]
b] MT "OT ZAKAT "- Capacity 600MTS [ 4 tanks for IFO (480mts) and 2 tanks for MGO( quantity- 120mts) ]

Bunkering Location

Chittagong Port ( Outer anchorage and Inner harbour).

Source of IFO & MGO

JAMUNA, PADMA, MEGHNA ( the Govt. authrised source for IFO and MGO in Bangladesh)

Maintained standard


Served vessel in recent 3/4 months during 2010

MV ISLAND OF LUCK ( IMO 8508577), MV ROYAL CRISTAL ( IMO 84232719) MT SC NINGBO ( IMO 944168), MV SIAM GARNET( IMO 8217697), MT GLOBAL SEA ( IMO 8317071), MT CHANG AN I ( 9520027), MV DONG YOUNG( IMO 8703933), MV TAI CHUNG( IMO 8018431), MV OCEAN TRIUMPH( IMO 8204834), MV SPYROS B ( 8309880), MV FREE NEPTUNE ( IMP 9146819), MT STAR ASIA( IMO 8419829), MV TAY DO STAR( IMO 9409687), MV ROYAL RUBY( IMO 8400232), MT EASTERN GLORY ( IMO 8508228), MT ASIAN GLORY( IMO 9174426), MV ROYAL PERAL S ( IMO 8417601),