Tramp agency service

We provide agency services and shipping expertise to foreign shipowning, trading, and industry interests. We ensure vessels a fast turnaround, covering bunkering, stores, spares and repairs, attending to crew matters, claims and stevedores' damages and carry out all captains room activities with maximum efficiency at lowest possible cost.

The Shipping department offers full range of agency services to ship and cargo owners. Our company acts on behalf of ship operators and charterers and represents them during berthing arrangements and pier reservation, inward and outward custom clearances, coordination of cargo operations in port, payment of port dues and handling of requests of ship, crew and passengers. Our company handles general cargo ships, bulkers and tankers every month in Chittagong port , acting as protecting agents as well.


Our vision is to achieve long-term excellence both locally and internationally in shipping operations building upon our traditional integrity, uniqueness to become the best in the industry within our region.


Be a long-term partner in progress to our principals and customers worldwide providing high quality service of the best value.

Company Values

We value integrity, honesty and transparency in all our contracts & financial transactions. Expert Performa disbursements are submitted to minimize unnecessary surplus of funds.