Our International trading division [ SHIPSERVE INTERNATION] was started with the aim to spread excellence & representing Bangladesh Globally. Our incredible range of products and services that fulfills the need of all kinds of requirements in the industry thus making us “MOST RELIABLE LONG TERM BUSINESS ASSOCIATE” to fulfill the needs of our buyers and suppliers for the industry.

The following keypoints are making us a successful trading company:

  • a) We have great experience and knowledge in our core activities and we know ins and outs of the trade completely.
  • b) We have an excellent knowledge of the market trends there by protecting the interests of the principals by judging the selling/buying time.
  • c) We are known for our professionalism & honesty.
  • d) We are known for our commitments.
  • e) We work on commission basis thus; try to get maximum benefits to our principals.

We also undertake to represent foreign companies in Bangladesh . As we know today business is very competitive and the margins are always thin, hence the viability of business may not work out on trading basis. We believe in giving the best services and do business very transparently between our buyers and our principals and constantly work in the best interests of our principals.